I received these aerial photos from Dolories Tremblay Weston who lived in Central Pat until 1951.

Just click on the photo to get a larger version


DSCF5501 DSCF5499


  1. Narda Brooks Says:

    Oh my gosh.
    Thank you So Much for posting these pictures, Patti. They have stirred up a big longing for connection to my homeland, I will look at these many, many times and conjure up the memories– good and tragic– of my childhood. I am forever heartbroken that I didn’t have more time in Central Patricia, more time to finish my life there.

    • littlepatti Says:

      I feel that we were “gifted” by that life. I lived in 15 more mining towns after The Pat and they were all much the same and just wonderful in retrospect. I haven’t continued that life though. I have lived in the same little town, same house for the past 42 years. (yes! I’m pretty old now!) …just 45 minutes from Montreal. I like the city too, but not to come home to. I think my strength, courage and resilience, and my confidence all came as a result of living in those towns in the northland.
      Bless you!

  2. Joyce Brooks Harasemchuk Says:

    My thanks to my sister Narda for sending these on to me. I remember most of what’s in the photos. I lived there from the age of 7 to 21. My father moved I and my brothers in the summer of 1955 from Crowshore Patricia to Central Patricia. He was hired to help dismantle the mine property.

  3. Terrence Hryniuk Says:

    Thanks Patti, the pictures are available at the Pickle Lake municipality office at a small cost with of course good black and white resolution. terry hryniuk

  4. Clarke Hermance Says:

    I was a young boy living in Central Patricia from ca. 1937-1942, born in late 1936. I’ve heard stories about gold bricks being stored on the porch of the General Store for decades. Does anybody have confirmation of this, or any pictures of such storage?

    Does anybody have knowledge of Donny Ward or Larry Barrett, and any email contact information?

  5. Clarke Hermance Says:

    A further comment: We lived in a CPGM tract house, near the river and adjacent to the then town hospital (’37-’42?) after which we moved to the USA as my father was an American, working in the CPGM.. Another acquaintance was a young girl, Wendy Angus. I started 1st Grade in the school in CP. A major happening, aside from troops of Indian families traipsing past our house ( “Bijou”!) was the passage of a D2 Caterpillar Tractor. I fished for Pike in the river near our house, off the swimming dock, and watched the “ice mining” before “break-up” in the Spring.. Does this account ring any memory bells to anyone? Please email a reply, if so!

    • littlepatti Says:

      Hi Clarke,
      You were an earlier settler at the Pat. No doubt my parents would have known yours there at the time. What courage those young families had, to move to “isolation”, and have babies there, and get their lives started under the most difficult situations. They didn’t see it that way.
      It was an adventure! I suspect the storage of gold bars was true. How else would the gold be stored during breakup and freeze up. Early on, air was the only way in and out.
      I hope that some read your questions and contact you. Did you see the aerial photos of the town further on in the blog, and some more photos.
      All the best!

  6. Roberta Evans Says:

    Does anyone remember an Ontario Hydro family living in Central Patricia from approximately 1934 – 1944? Joan, Ed & Anne Wager, the kids of Edna and Albert Wager. You’d have to be pretty old to remember those folks.

    • littlepatti Says:

      Hi Roberta, I hope some people can answer your question. Our family was there from 1936=46. I am sure that there are comments from many folks back then. I recently connected with my babysitter. Dolories Tremblay Weston, who now lives in BC. She was 14 or 15 back in 1944-45, but she’s not online.
      Keep an eye out for updates. Many people have reconnected as a result of the Central Pat site. Good Luck.

  7. Millie Garbaz Says:

    Another pioneer that was born in Central Patricia has passed on – My brother Robert Leeyus died on Jan. 28, 2016. Most people that live there now will know but ones that have moved away will not, so just wanted to drop a note. I know I will not be the only one to miss him.. Millie

    • littlepatti Says:

      THANKS to all for your contributions and connections through this site. Maybe “we can never go home again” but it’s sure worth a walk down memory lane!
      xxx Pat

  8. Ed Skretka Says:

    Nice photos. I worked at Port Radium, N.W.T. from 1956 to 1958 so I can relate to the mines and the remote places. I loved the north where there was no rush to go anywhere.

  9. Loree (Muzycki) Says:

    Nice to get some history on Central Patricia .
    I was born there in 1951, then moved to Winnipeg when I was two .
    My brother (7 years older)and I would like to travel back .
    Wonder if worth the trip .

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