BRING ON 2014! Happy New Year to all!

On the eve of 2014, I am feeling reflective, thankful, and hopeful.

The temperature is a cool -20 today, not one bit unusual for those of us who have lived in Central Patricia On. & Snow Lake Mb, and Chibougamau Qc. etc.

I’ve had a wonderful life with plenty of ups and downs and at this stage I only recall the ups. My life has been blessed with a family who all “turned out” and despite my many muddles, I “turned out” too.

I value the valuable:  good health, good friends, inner peace. 

I wish everyone the same in 2014!

With love,


6 Responses to “BRING ON 2014! Happy New Year to all!”

  1. Randall Peasley Says:

    Hi Pat,

    A very happy new year’s 2014 to you also, from Portland, Oregon.

    Where there is no vision, the people perish.

    Cheers, Randy

  2. Alex Mirka Says:

    ……………………………………….Hello Pat, it is nice to see someone from my old hometown… of Snow lake…. I was born there in 1953… moved with my family.. to ontario… in 1958…. I have vague memories of snow lake.. and have never actually gone back.. though part of me would like to see it……it looks and sounds as pristine as ever there… there was no golf course…. and i dont actually remember the mine… but i do remember living on the outskirts of town…. and the only thing behind us… was a path… (that led to the hospital)… and beyond that.. a lot of berry bushes… i also remember it being so cold.. that one weinter the oil froze in the tnk under the house…. my father had to crawl under and heat it up…. brrrrr…..anyways… i just had to post to you and say hello and give a little recollection of my first few years…

    Hoping you have a fine day….

    Sincerely, Alex Mirka

    • littlepatti Says:

      Greetings, Alex- Did your parents move on or stay in mining after 1958? We were there in the opening days and recall all the blasting to lay water and sewers, kids don’t remember discomfort, we were too busy playing. I’ve never had a desire to go back but I always have fond memories of those early childhood days. I don’t remember a hospital there-maybe it was built just after we left. Berry picking was the summer pastime in mining towns. It was a real treat, because fresh fruit was not available to us very often. Our parents were resourceful too.
      Share more of your memories and tell us if living there made a difference in your life.
      Best regards,

  3. Alex Mirka Says:

    Hello again, Pat, I wrote to you earlier this year about living in snow lake….i was only 4 years old when we moved to ontario, however i do remember a few things from my chldhood there. I remember going to the hudson bay store which to me seemed humungous and that it was situated on a corner.. and that passed for the downtown main drag…. which street is on the map, I couldnt tell you… I do remember going left and up towards the lake, we had friends that lived on lakeshore rd… ( the only roadi really do remember). and walking past their house on the way to our house. I also remember going fishing with my father on the lake… and taking a little motor boat to Sandy beach… my parents called it sunday beach.. lol…usually we would go there on a weekend…. and once my father and i went over to purple beach… lol. it really does have sand of a purplish hue! I believe the hospital that I mentioned previously was only the size of a house…. perhaps thats why you may not remember it…. i do remember my brother being born there and my father and i standing outside waiting while he was born… amazing that i remember that… I was only 2 at the time…
    Anyways, i do have fond memories of the town….and it would be interesting to see if i could find the location of the house that i lived in.. so many years ago or what stands there now.
    In answer to what difference it made in my life, well i caqn say this…. after living in the bitter cold up there… i seldom find ontario to be too cold…. even in the coldest of winters… *S*….

    Take care, Pat, if i should remember anything else… i’ll pass it along here….

    Yours truly, Alex Mirka

  4. littlepatti Says:

    Hi again, Alex. I remember that “downtown/ uptown area” In my time there was a Post office, THE Store, a Tavern and not far from there…the Rec. centre and the school. I remember the street along the lake side, and the street where you lived (not many houses in my time.) We walked there sometimes, but usually took the big (it seemed so at the time) hill which led to the mine site left, but forked right to school and downtown
    I don’t remember a hospital. There must be some google photos of the town by now. I don’t have an urge to revisit, but have fond memories also. I too have an aversion to cold weather (I also lived in Chibougamau|). Once, we had an opportunity to go to Edmonton AB. I said NO!
    Take care of yourself!

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