WHAT DO I KNOW? Don’t ask! About the site…


I just realized that the blogs are not all intact from May 2007.  Central Patricia Gold Mines and several others seem to have been bumped off.

When I opened the site-it started with Montauban Les Mines, which would have been 1951/52 (?)

If you go to the “2012” in review panel from Word press, you can see Central Pat….etc. It could be that I’ve exceeded my space.

Leave a message if you can’t access the blogs I’ve mentioned.

Best Regards to all,


3 Responses to “WHAT DO I KNOW? Don’t ask! About the site…”

  1. Philippe Beaudry Says:

    Dear Patricia,

    I can’t believe how time is going by. Good to here from you knowing you are still happy. I went back and read some of your blogue. I started one but it is still a project.
    I sold my Empress of Ireland collection to the Canadian museum of civilization in Ottawa. I purchased a Nordhaven trawler 47′ and I am going around the world for the next 6-7 years. I am in Puerto Rico now.
    I had a nice historical panel made for the 125 anniversary of Eastman village. Four themes represent the development of the village; mining, lumber, railway and tourism. The panel should be ready sometime this summer. I have on board all archives to write the book about mining from 1860 to 1958. And I will do it. I am still very active. I had a 25 pages written in Spain in June. I also lent a 1,000 pieces to a museum in Fort McNicoll on Georgian Ont.

    I am on a kind of mission around the world.

    Give me some news.

    I had very good video interview with mr. Boisse who knew very well all the drifts of the Quebec Copper. He is a kind of senile now.

    Take care

    Phil Beaudry

    On Facebook ; Phil Beaudry

  2. Rhonda Glofcheski Says:

    Could you contact me at my private address? We are distantly related and I am researching your grandfather for the local WW1 project. I am willing to share all the info I have.

  3. Michelle Weston Says:

    Hi Patti
    My mom Dolories Tremblay Weston got a print out of the Central Patricia blog from her brother Allan Tremblay. She used to babysit you when you were little and would love to contact you but she doesn’t have a computer. She wants to pass along her contact information because she went to the reunion years ago and has a number of aerial pictures that are more current as well as some old pictures and lots of memories from Central Pat. Let me know how she can contact you or vice versa.
    Thank you

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