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Fa La La La La, la la la la

December 20, 2011

The title is not very melodious, unless you can sing it.

It was one of the first Christmas songs I learned in Grade one. I couldn’t read yet, so I stood in the choir with a song book, and sang Fa la la la la la la la la with much gusto! I remember it clearly.

Like most experiences in our early life, we can be marked positively or negatively.

I always loved Christmas. My Mom & Dad must have beenĀ challenged to provide in those days, but we never knew it. Imagine yourself, making something out of Christmas with no credit cards! Well, I had Credit cards and over did it all every single year. I may have had regrets about some of my decisions through the year, but overspending Christmas was not one of them!

I’ve become slightly (only slightly) more practical these days, but I can see that I’ve passed that shopping germ on to my daughter and she goes to extremes too, but she doesn’t blow the budget for the year. I guess that I imparted other skills to her as we went along.

So here we are. Another Christmas. My 68th.

I hear all the contraversy about being politically correct and wonder “who has time for that”?

Another wonderful Christmas season, when we can thank God, thank our friends, and thank our families for the richness of our lives.