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Facebook fenomena

June 9, 2011

i hav sertin reservashins about the facebook fenomena.

Maybe (probably) it’s me…I like the concept, but I can’t imagine the need to keep everyone up to date on my daily comings and goings. I can’t imagine having 250+ “friends” and I can’t imagine 250+ people being interested in what I am doing in my life.   I can’t name 50 friends… Friends are people we know and like, people who we have something in common with and trust to be loyal and generous. Maybe the word “friends” should be re-tooled, it’s too warm and fuzzy. We could call each other “watchers” or “features” or “likens”. Take your pick.

I am very curious to see where the “fenomena” will take us as a society. I suspect that we will reach a saturation point, and with that, a care-less point, which may spill over to the actual “friends” we have.

I like communication. The more the better, between people. I like MY facebook friends who post photos, and notes.  I like it when I hear that kids talk to their parents,  partners talk to each other and friends tell each other how wonderful it is to have them in their lives.

So, to all my FRIENDS and you know who you are. I appreciate your friendship.