Inner child, Inner talent, Inner asylum

I confess, in my 60’s, I’ve unleashed them all.

My inner child is littlepatti, who I re-discovered and wrote about on my blog starting in 2007.

I stumble across my inner talent every so often, at the unlikeliest times and it even surprises me. It causes me to wonder if I should have pursued a different avenue  in my life.

My inner asylum lurks in the background of my world always threatening to charge the gates of conformity.

I don’t intend to poke fun at any of them. Well, yes I do. But no offense intended for those of you who are making clay pots at the asylum and playing Tiddly- Winks and Fish.

There but by the grace of God go I, there but by the grace of God, go I.

This all occurred to me because we are renovating our bathroom. It’s been a fun process choosing all the new fixtures, cabinets and colours. It was even fun knocking down walls and tearing out old wood, but somehow, today as I stood there, paint roller in hand, and a step-ladder to go up and down 25 times, I thought “am I crazy?” “I’m sixty-eight years old”! I don’t know how to paint!

That goes back to my “inner child”. littlepatti thought that she could do anything. No instructions necessary. Just watch and learn. Swim, dive, bicycle, drive, (that rhymes, so I’ll stop right there, but you get the point.)

My friends are taking painting classes and doing lovely work in varying degrees of loveliness, so I thought I can paint too, albeit of a different variety.  So much for talent.

We’re at least two weeks away from completion, we plan to lay the Clic flooring and put an IKEA cabinet together.

Please send a paddy wagon.


PS: Word to the wise and note to self: If you haven’t tackled your own renovations since 1979, hire someone. You are too old!


7 Responses to “Inner child, Inner talent, Inner asylum”

  1. Pat Says:

    Wanting to have my bathroom redone – by someone else. I’ve discovered recently that while the mind is willing and capable, the body grumbles loudly when forced to move in ways which cause discomfort.

  2. Pierre Says:

    Don’t give up Pat …Pierre

    also hello to Doug and Darlene.

    • littlepatti Says:

      Hi Pat & Pierre- Right! The mind is willing and capable…the mind that is!
      Funny how we think we are still 20. Until we are reminded, of course.

  3. Barb C. Calgary Says:

    Iknow exactly whaqt you are going through. I am in the middle of trying to paint ceilings and the one in my living room is 13 feet! My ladder is tall enough, but my knees are complaining VERY LOUDLY! However they can still be placated by copious amounts of wine!!!

  4. tsonoda148 Says:

    I loved this. I am a chronic “I can fix it myself…er”. Only problem is, I have no fixit talent whatsoever. I am merely stubborn. Oh I get things fixed myself. Usually. But after I’ve ended up paying way too much for the materials and the alcohol consumed in order to complete desired project. Yea, your advice is solid. Hire someone!

  5. littlepatti Says:

    It seems that we are all “sista’s”. I guess we are a generation of women who seek the know-it-all gene. My Mom certainly didn’t paint rooms, or fancy herself a carpenter.
    Remember that old commercial- “I can bring home the bacon & cook it up in a pan…”
    We certainly longed for independence, and pushed the boundries.
    I know that I was fearful of being as dependent, as my Mom & Mom-in-law, although I admired them immensely.
    My daughter is more reasonable. She doesn’t seem to have anything to prove to herself.
    BTW: My blog has had 25,000 readers, as of this week. I could never had imagined that!

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