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2011! (??)

December 31, 2010

I am almost as old as a rock!

Where did that time go?

Some New Year’s are as clear as though they happened yesterday, and now, I can skip through the decades  1950’s, 60’s, 70’s , 80’s, 90’s, 2000, 2010…

We often stayed  home when the kids were young, or we would take them out for supper NY’s eve.  We didn’t eat out as much as families do today, so it was a special event. We tried to get home early because I was afraid to drive that night of the year. (I still am).

I didn’t especially like New Year’s eve parties, and I can recall the few I went to as a big disappointment.  It was a  lot of hype, and people tried so hard to make it festive, it fell flat.

I do remember a very fun-filled  NY’s eve in Virginia town, with my husband’s family, his brothers & their wives-We hemmed my Mother-in-law’s sequined dress, just before going out. It was a beautiful dress but out of date by being too long. That had to be the 60’s when we were still surprising a few with our mini skirts. I just loved her for being so compliant to her young daughters-in-law. (  we named her “Mini-Mommy”).  We all went to a party at the local Legion Hall and we rocked the place. It was a freezing night! When we got home, I fell asleep to the sounds of the “boys” finally confessing all their true stories (i.e.: “remember when the Police came by to ask if we knew…” ) to their Mom & Dad, and the howls of laughter.

Recent years have been perfectly spent baby-sitting our Granddaughter, while her folks went out, and this year they are all going away, so we’ll babysit their Poncho, & Jasper. (dogs).

I’ll make my usual resolution to lose some weight (starting on Monday) and I will sincerely thank God for my wonderful family and friends,  fantastic memories, and  many, many, blessings.

Remember-Every day is a gift.