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Savoring Christmas

November 5, 2010

Rushing home from work on Christmas eve, cleaning house, wrapping gifts, cooking and creating a certain holiday ambiance.  Stress? You bet!

Every year I “ramped it up” and loved every moment, even through the times I was reduced to tears from fatigue. I always promised myself that I would do better the next year. I would be better organized, start earlier, save money, even down size. Ha ha

It never happened, but I never had any regrets over Christmas. The overspending, the excesses that could slip by unnoticed…I used to make Cranberry sauce and stuffing from scratch, a 15-20 lb. turkey, a couple of meat pies with a Cream cheese pastry and Sugar cookies of course. I did it all with various degrees of success.

I look back at those years fondly. My children loved Christmas and never noticed the many “flaws”.

Here I am in my late 60’s, retired and well organized! (somewhat, let’s say).

I redesigned my tree early last year because I promised that I wouldn’t be dragging out the same old decorations for 30 years as our parents did. Now,  I don’t need one ornament or decoration. My cards, paper and napkins were bought on sale last January. I don’t need a thing and the “Hearts Desires” lists get smaller every year. Our artificial tree is as lovely as the real ones. gifts are not piled high around it,  in fact, the gifts are neatly gathered into gift bags because the gift exchanges and turkey dinners are not always at our house.

Go ahead. Ask me if I miss anything. The answer is no.

There truly is a season for everything. Recognizing that fact is an act of  freedom, a permission to relax.

The moral of the story is:

Savor Christmas. Savor your life and be prepared to move on.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.


PS: I wrote this Christmas message  earlier than usual, hoping to motivate  families to get with it…now! 😉