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Mother’s Day 2010

May 8, 2010

My mother used to say “Mother’s Day is once a year, but every day is Father’s Day!”

That would have been circa 1950’s, and I am sure that there was more than just a little truth to that statement.

Here we are, 50+ years later and much has changed for those of us who came to our senses in the 60’s and 70’s. My turning point was really “set in time” when I  heard the popular commercial “she can bring home the bacon, cook it up in the pan and blah-blah, let him know he’s a man”… Betty Frieden was preaching and writing, breastfeeding was a no-no, reporters (men) made an international incident of a few women burning bra’s, and we were encouraged to use birth control,  have a career,       ( get paid a paltry sum) and develop critical thinking (?). The pendulum was at the extreme.

Life has a way of  “righting itself” and I can look back, appreciate where I was and where I am today. Mine was not a harsh journey. I married a nice man who understood the complexities of the society we were born into and after much nagging, not only agreed in principal, but undertook many household tasks and gave me permission to remind him what needed to be done -He learned to cook and enjoyed it and learned to look after the children and especially enjoyed that! We saved our marriage by adopting an attitude of staying together, not because we had to but because we wanted to. We reached a stage where we could have survived well enough without the other. He didn’t need a “maid” and I didn’t need a “caretaker”. Today, we are thankful to have found the patience with each other to develop a brand new partnership, unlike our parents, uniquely our own, and mostly without a road map. We were pioneers, crafting a different kind of society.

We celebrate Mother’s Day quietly. We have two daughters who are kind and loving and a grand daughter who is super- awesome. Is there really anything else?