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A Milestone

December 23, 2009

Milestone: A marker. An event worth noting in the development of a lifetime, a career, or an endeavor.

Life is one milestone after the other. Some milestones are predictable- finishing school,  a broken heart, having kids, growing old, losing parents, retirement, death.  Some milestones are unpredictable such as winning a lottery,  a  disappointment, a “light bulb” moment.  And some milestones are not worth noting at the time, but they come home to roost, good or bad, along the way…between milestones.

I am fortunate to have experienced most of the above and hundreds more. At least, I am fortunate to have lived long enough! I am still waiting to win the lottery. (Hopeful). Sometimes a milestone sneaks up-“a who-da-thunk-it event.” I’ve had quite a few of those. Sometimes we pass a milestone, unaware of it’s importance but the effects are buried in our brains ready to spring out at a most unexpected moment and remind us that we are very unique, and our experiences and milestones may be similar, but the results can be very different.

So, to all my very unique friends, and readers. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


PS: Today’s milestone- 15,000 readers have visited my blog.  WOW!

Please leave a comment below and tell of your milestones.

The Perfect Gift

December 15, 2009

Okay!  It’s here again.  I get it.  Warp speed is real.

Please read OMG, it’s Christmas again (Dec 2008) and A Heart’s Desire (Dec 2007). I have nothing to add to that!

The holiday season is here, I’m ready for it in mind and spirit.

I  wish my wonderful family and friends,  a joyous holiday season and peace and blessings for the new year. Every day is a gift.

Every good gift

and every perfect gift

is from above…

James 1:17