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Getting there…

August 12, 2009

“Getting there is half the fun”. I agree. I guess that I have a wander lust, because I feel like a kid when I get out the suitcases and start making my lists. I pack and repack to be sure that I don’t fall into that much-criticized category “taking everything but the kitchen sink”. We have a truck, so it’s hard to keep it simple with all that space that can be filled up.

Nevermind. We are leaving for the Maritimes and a family wedding. It’ll be short and sweet. Our grand daughter has decided to come so there’s an added plus to this trip. She is very entertaining and will inspire us to do things…swim, site-see, and dance. (and watch a DVD while travelling) (?)

 Kids add another dimension to everything around us, I forget that sometimes. Thankfully I can be reminded.

Au Revoir