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Walking Backwards

June 20, 2009

I recently read an article that touted the advantages of walking backwards. Apparently calorie burning is doubled. I haven’t tried it because sometimes I stumble walking frontwards and my body wasn’t designed to go backwards since my feet point frontwards, and my neck doesn’t swivel all that well. I thought it was an interesting prospect, however, so I just kept it in mind and wondered what other lesson I could learn from “backwards walking”.  

Last week, my daughter returned to her old school to take a computer course offered there, one afternoon a week. The school has changed in 20+ years, but I noticed that she walked the halls without thinking and found her way, easily, in what seemed to be a maze to me. It proved to me once again how our brains are imprinted. Thoughts, experiences, smells, and paths are all there, crystal clear when called upon.

Therefore, I concluded that going backwards can be a healthy thing. For some.

I revisited my youth by writing this blog. Many of the places I lived are gone, or too far away, but I found other ways to connect with the past. I told about my parents, my family, my life and somethings that I found interesting, hoping that some others would take the voyage with me. I hope so. In writing about my past, I was able to put my entire life in perspective. I saw the paths I had taken clearly, and understood the set of circumstances that led me one way or another. Not to say they were right, in fact some were pitifully misguided, but I just naturally wrote about the good times.  I could have written about the bad times too,  but as I wrote, they all lost their significance. Like a bad dream. I actually thought that I never learned a thing from my success’s, but learned everything I knew from my failures. Guess what?  That is only partly true. My failures taught me what not to do. My happiness taught me what to do.

Writing this blog has been an exercise in walking backwards. Along the way, I lost plenty of baggage (calories), and my head (mind) swivelled 360 degrees. Try it.