An Experienced Pet Lover

My husband says  “If it weren’t for…

  • The chewing
  • The piddling
  • The walking
  • The scooping
  • The barking
  • The snarling
  • The training
  • The feeding
  • The Vet bills
  • The grooming
  • The brushing
  • The shedding
  • The drooling
  • The dog sitting
  • The chasing
  • The fleas
  • …he would get another dog”.

3 Responses to “An Experienced Pet Lover”

  1. Miki Says:

    speaking from experience, it’s true but then why do pet owners feel so devastated and sad when it is all over and Rover goes to doggie heaven?

    • littlepatti Says:

      You are so right! We have had many pets over the years. At the time, we never gave a second thought to the extra work and responsibilities. They were such a joy! We loved them all and were saddened by their deaths.
      We don’t have any indoor plants now either.

  2. Pat Winchester Booth – What’s in Terri’s Head? Says:

    […] (From  About “Mining Towns in Canada” Site) […]

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