About “Mining Towns in Canada” Site

littlepatti  1963

littlepatti 1963

It’s hard to stay “on topic”. My previous entry was called “Fat Sucks”. How much farther off topic can I possibly get? Just watch me! 😉

I considered writing under a different banner, but I just couldn’t abandon the Mining Towns in Canada site. It would have seemed like I was adding to the toll of old abandoned mines. There are already enough of those.

What I am, what I think, what I write is all the “product” of  living in mining towns in Canada.

For those readers (11,000+ so far) who love to read about the towns: Go to May 2007 and read forward. Leave your comments. I love that!

UPDATE: As of February 2010, readers: 16,500


4 Responses to “About “Mining Towns in Canada” Site”

  1. Silver Fox Says:

    I guess you get to write what you want to on your site! 🙂

  2. littlepatti Says:

    Thanks. Typical of me, I overthink. I explain. I wondered if someone looking for information on mining towns would read what I have written lately and go “whaaa…t the…!!!”
    Ha ha ha ha.

  3. Betty- Ann Says:

    Mining towns. Mr grand-father was a miner. Sulfide Ontario. I fell upon your site looking for the weather on this day 1963.


    • littlepatti Says:

      If you want to share any of the stories you heard from him about mining, this is the place. Miners shared many common experiences-their lifestyles were similar. There are many posts on mines in Northern Ontario. Best regards, Pat

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