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An Experienced Pet Lover

April 29, 2009

My husband says¬† “If it weren’t for…

  • The chewing
  • The piddling
  • The walking
  • The scooping
  • The barking
  • The snarling
  • The training
  • The feeding
  • The Vet bills
  • The grooming
  • The brushing
  • The shedding
  • The drooling
  • The dog sitting
  • The chasing
  • The fleas
  • …he would get another dog”.

About “Mining Towns in Canada” Site

April 18, 2009
littlepatti  1963

littlepatti 1963

It’s hard to stay “on topic”. My previous entry was called “Fat Sucks”. How much farther off topic can I possibly get? Just watch me! ūüėČ

I considered writing under a different banner, but I just couldn’t abandon the Mining Towns in Canada site. It would have seemed like I was adding to the toll of old abandoned mines. There are already¬†enough of those.

What I am, what I think, what I write is all the “product” of¬† living in mining towns in Canada.

For those readers (11,000+ so far) who love to read about the towns: Go to May 2007 and read forward. Leave your comments. I love that!

UPDATE: As of February 2010, readers: 16,500


Fat Sucks

April 15, 2009

I’ve been on a diet since 1958. I’ve been slim and I’ve been fat. Slim wins.

I’ve tried every diet known, they all work, for awhile and then I’m not sure what happens=My body screams “enough is enough”! No matter what anybody says, it comes down to deprivation. We are not a society accustomed to that, so we don’t take to it kindly. No matter how many times I start an exercise plan, I eventually¬†fail. Despite the fact that I feel better and I sleep better. I keep learning that same lesson over and over again. (some lessons i.e: don’t touch the stove. I only needed to learn “the once”.)¬† Why is that? ¬†If anyone knows, please tell me.

To simplify all this, I need to say, my body is just, plain,¬†diet resistant. I can almost hear the fat cells yelling out¬†“here she goes again, shut down, shut down”. “Dive, dive, dive!”

So here I am, this time around. Maybe I’ve found the key, but probably not.

I have been counting both calories and carbohydrates. I allow under¬†1100 calories¬†¬†and 130 or less carbs daily. I eat a little more on the weekends. AND I KEEP A MEAL¬†DIARY!! I don’t eat potatoes, bread, cereal, ¬†rice, pasta or fruit¬†more than once a week. I just can’t afford the carbs. Of course there’s no place for dessert either or I have a sliver of something, but that makes me long for more. I don’t like milk, so that’s not a problem, but I have a yogourt/berry snack a few times a week. I feel healthy. I have ultra strong bones, take a few supplements (I swear on Omega 3-6-9)¬†and have¬†enough fat to survive a famine.

I think I’ve lost about 10 pounds in 2 months, but I stay off the scale, it’s my nemessis. I measure. I’ve lost about 7 inches total.

This diet is quite restrictive, but because I am eating¬†low carb, my appetite, which is controlled by my blood sugar/glucose, is under control. I’m trying not to think about food. When it’s mealtime, I just put something together, making sure that I have lots of vegetables for a stir fry or a salad. I only plan a meal about 2-3 times a week, just enough¬†to take something out of the freezer and to have leftovers. With my luck, my family will lose weight. They don’t need to.

I put the elliptical machine in the living room where I have decided it has to become part of the furniture. Not that snazzy, but it’s¬†my reality,¬† because if it’s out of sight, it’s out of mind.¬†I do about 3 km 5x a week and trying hard to do a session in the afternoon or evening, but the spirit hasn’t moved me…yet. I have been doing a few light weights also. I can’t bring myself to do any floor exercises and probably never will. (It’s too hard getting up and down).

So there!¬†This feels just like confession. Now, I’ll go and do my penance. Maybe, I’ll post again on this subject, and maybe not. Feel free to comment.

ūüėČ littlepatti