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OMG! Christmas…again!!!

December 7, 2008

It’s the same time every year but it always comes up as something of a surprise. I am never fully prepared (maybe we should celebrate it every four years, like the Winter Olympics). The panicky part is just like a bad habit, after years and years of wrapping gifts at midnight Christmas eve, ready to drop with fatigue and that wee bit of  Sherry which was a family tradition.

I don’t panic much anymore. My gifts are more thoughtful, less extravagant, and wrapped well enough in advance. The decorations can be done any day now and I passed the mini tree to my Grand daughter. One artificial tree is plenty and perfect so I wonder why I didn’t discover that  years ago. Maybe it was the Sherry that clouded my mind. “Too soon old, too late smart”.

I still love Christmas, but I am starting to understand older folks better, now that I’m one of them.  I am understanding myself better too…I always tried to “create the perfect Christmas memories”. All the little things I loved about Christmas were replayed year after year and every year, I found more to add. Like new pajamas for the girls on Christmas eve, meat pies, candles, flowers, all too numerous to mention.

It’s all passing into history now, along with the mini tree, and Christmas dinner that will be at my daughter’s home this year.

I thought that I would miss it all. I don’t. Other “traditions” have flooded into my life to replace the void, like giving to charity, taking a bubble bath on Christmas day, baking fruit cake and watching my daughter panic. I don’t have any advice for her and I don’t think that she drinks Sherry. Neither have I for many years, but this may be a good time to recapture that tradition.

May you have all the joy of the season, along with all the stress and aggravation.

Take time out to count your blessings.



P.S.  To my family and friends: I LOVE YOU, love you, love you!