The Pack Rat

We all seem to have a little “pack rat” in us. At least those of us born before consumerism became a blood sport. I admit I would have been a more vigorous consumer if I had been born with a credit card tucked in my diaper. Those good old days of unlimited, unsolicited credit came later in my life and I had already developed a conscience and fear about my obligations to my family like life insurance and a savings plan. DRAT!

I have a minimalistic taste in furniture and accessories. I don’t like knickknacks or clutter. Everything has to be stored out of sight, otherwise it “hurts my eyes”. HOWEVER, what was out of sight, was pretty significant, until I retired and had time to sort through boxes and bags and finally decide (admit) that I would never be a size 10* again, use a deep fryer,  need Christmas dishes, or 15 sets of sheets, (that’s just the tip of the iceberg). My daughter profited by my new found freedom from “things” and had a few very successful garage sales. In the process, I started to love an empty closet, empty drawers and empty cupboards. Retirement is nice that way. I don’t need to mull over my wardrobe everyday, trying to figure what is appropriate and once that’s established, if it still fits, and then, I do or don’t hate the colour on me. AH! Blessed relief, and confession IS good for the soul so… * size 12 or 14 for that matter! Get it?

But the pack rat in me is still alive and well. I enjoyed myself recently by helping friends empty their barn of furniture and a ton of flea market, garage sale-type items.  I had the time to sort it all out and send it along  to new homes: rummage sales, student apartments, the privileged, under privileged, whoever thought they needed something different. I call it recycling.  I even kept a few useful things, for awhile…

I have two nearly-new ironing boards. No takers.

6 Responses to “The Pack Rat”

  1. Lynn Says:

    Hello littlepatti,

    I have to say that found your life stories so fascinating that I think I have reached a new level of sleep deprivation. It is now 1 a.m. here and I think I have finally finished reading all of your blog posts. They were like reading a good book that you just can’t put down.

    Keep it up… you have now been bookmarked.

  2. littlepatti Says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging comment.
    I wish more people would leave comments and
    I would like to know how you were led to my site.
    I am equally fascinated by the readers (8500, so far) and discover that we have so much in common.

  3. Lynn Says:

    Hi Pat,

    Actually I saw a program of this guy somewhere in the U.S. who owned an old abandoned copper mine that was still able to produce copper. He opened it to average people to take tours and do some mining themselves.

    Anyway, I was searching on the Internet if there was anything like this in Quebec (Where people could do some mining for fun) and I came across your website.


    • littlepatti Says:

      I haven’t heard of a “tourist” mine in Quebec, but near Thunder Bay, Ont, is an Amethyst mine where people go to tour and chip out stones. Also, in that area, some are panning for gold.
      I can’t imagine that copper mining on a small scale is very exciting, but gold on the other hand…mmm 🙂

      I wonder if you write or phone Quebec tourism-At least you may find a mine that could be toured.

      Get in touch with Town if Chibougamau. Maybe you would meet someone who could get you a pass underground.
      That’s different! While there, you could do some wonderful fishing.
      Good Luck,

  4. kdp Says:

    Maybe we could use th ironing boards for tables at the next garage sale hahahaha

    • littlepatti Says:

      I am still holding out hope for some poor, unsuspecting soul to say “YES! to an ironing board. Say “NO!” to rumpled clothes. It may take awhile…I am ever the optimist. I was over 60, when I took a shine to ironing. So, amen.

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