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Summer, glorious summer!

June 26, 2008

Growing up in the North, summer became an elusive, dreamy thing. I do remember that the temperature hit 91F once in Chibougamau. That didn’t quite make up for the numerous -30,-40,-50’s f (!) that we endured the other 9 months. Am I exaggerating? Maybe so, but it was my reality. I hated the winter.¬† Winter sports, snow banks and biting winds held no attraction for me, and few fond memories. Just to top it off, we were the kids who walked a mile to school in the blinding blizzards. No school buses and car rides for us! How did we do it? ūüôā

I longed for hot summer days and hot summer nights. When I first came to Montreal, I loved to walk after dark, down Ste. Catherine Street, with all the neon signs blinking, wearing sandals and a halter top and feeling the droplets of sweat running down the back of my neck. The novelty of warmth/heat after sundown has never worn off. I still love coming out of a movie theater to a hot summer’s night. And Montreal is still a beautiful city after dark.

I had a hard time adapting to swimming in a pool. It felt like getting into a giant bath tub with other people. It took me 10 years to be able to put my face in the pool water, after swimming in crystal clear lake water. (I never gave the fish population a thought) (now: UGH).

Summer is a time to recharge, reflect and reminisce. Time for Gin & Tonic and long hours whiled away in the gazebo where we make our “To Do” list, now that it’s summer.

I won’t be writing much during the summer.¬† I “gotta” go paint, plant, rake, trim, mow, and shine everything up, now that it’s summer!

“Cancer strikes again!”

June 3, 2008

I finally understand the term “Cancer strikes”.

Thankfully, not me.  Not yet!  Not my husband or children.  Not yet!                                     The past couple of months have found us bowled over by a diagosis of cancer in three close friends. The fear envelopes us and consumes our thoughts. We are shocked, worried, angry and aware of a certain amount of guilt lurking in the background of our minds. Why them, not me?  Will I be as courageous as they are? How can I even imagine my life without them in it? After all, it comes back to me.

I have to try harder, care harder, cry harder, and pray harder! Please help me to lift these three up in prayer.

Thank you.