Eastman, Quebec-The “Haunted” House

Recently there has been some interest in this little town, so I thought that I would write about another aspect that an explorer may follow.

About one mile from the old Quebec Copper mine site there was a narrow gravel road that led up a hill to a “haunted house”. We went there often on our bikes, but the road was in such poor repair we had to push the bikes most of the way. The house at the top of the hill was the typical “haunted” variety, 2 stories, gray, and falling down. In fact, it was a very dangerous place-the kitchen floor had caved into the basement and we never dared go to the second floor. The living room had wooden floors which had a large intricate “medallion” of many colours in the middle that was copied directly above it on the ceiling.There were lots of old bits and pieces of things scattered around and we were fascinated by the old calendars, (I wish I could recall the dates.) I found 2 cylindrical records-one was called “Evening Shade by the Knickerbocker Quartet”, which I eventually gave to someone but I never could play them. I am not sure who lived there, but something tells me it was the family connected to the old Huntingdon mines. I think that the house was at the end of a country road that may have actually continued over the other side of the hill, and we may have been getting there by a secondary road or path. Could the name of the road been Sweet Road or a similar name?

Those were the days when parents would let their young kids go unsupervised for hours at a time, exploring and playing. Sometimes it was scary but most kids liked a good scare, and no harm ever came to us.

I often think of that old house, wishing I could have learned more about the people who had lived there and why it fell to disrepair.

Every kid should have their own Haunted House!

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2 Responses to “Eastman, Quebec-The “Haunted” House”

  1. Jean-Claude Says:

    Hello Littlepatti,

    This old house story is very interesting, delightfully creepy. I’m having trouble figuring out where it might have been. I imagine that the autoroute 10 wasn’t built in your days and that the hill you are describing might be the one the autoroute cuts through now. I’m in the process of investigating the history of Eastman through old timers childhood anecdotes. So I am eager to read any memories you have to share.

    I will ask around about this house when I interview some of the older people in the village. I have to be quick because there is a wave of development right now and old buildings are going down.

    Thank you so much for sharing your memories.

  2. littlepatti Says:

    You are right. Hwy 10 cut through the street in Eastman and the gravel road that lead to the Quebec Copper mine site. I think the road that passed by the mine site entrance to the left and the path up to the “haunted” house on the right side ran on to Bolton Center…I’m not sure if there is a road there anymore. The last time I visited there, I had to get directions to find the road to the mine site because of Hwy 10, and that was probably the late ’70’s.
    May I suggest that you look up The Huntingdon mine records if the town of Eastman has records going back to that time. Even when I lived there in the mid ’50’s, it seems that mine was not well known. it may be 1910-1930.
    Good luck, I look forward to hearing more history uncovered.

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