When I was about 5 years old I found God. Or maybe God found me. It could have been on a cold winter night when I fell off a sled and laid on my back in the snow and watched huge stars dangling just above my head, Northern lights streaked the sky and diamonds sprinkled on the snow sparkled and took my breath away. I like to believe it was that night that I glimpsed a Higher Authority.

Years later, I began the process of sorting through those childhood memories. Of course, I aspired to being a figure skater like Barbara Anne Scott, a real Princess like Elizabeth, and a swimmer like Esther Williams (to name only a few), but among the day dreams was a sense that I had a very important job to do in my life and it was not about fame or money. I just knew that! As I grew older I was actually able to put words to the feelings but somehow I knew better than to talk about it. I never liked the idea of being thought of as “nutty” or eccentric.

I often wondered about it though, and when “the job” would reveal itself to me.

When I was twenty, a  Doctor at Children’s hospital told me that my child was handicapped. I finally knew what that important job was.

It was a huge relief. I was at the mountain!

My child was a challenge. She was wonderful. She was frustrating. She was interesting. She taught me humility, love and infinite patience far beyond my capabilities.

Whenever I prayed to God, which was not very often, I would say “Okay, I’m doing the job, don’t ask for anything else”!

Maybe God approved. He never did ask more of me. He rewarded me in many ways.

The ultimate reward was my child.

PS: We often go into the back yard on a starry summer night and lay down and let the stars fall onto our faces.

…and this month, my daughter turns 50!

7 Responses to “God-sent”

  1. Kassia Says:

    I love this story:)

  2. Roy A. Says:

    You’ve managed to express something about God, about life, about love all intertwined in your life and experience. I am touched by these words.

  3. Mum Dee Says:

    When you were 5 you found God. He was always there! Your love for your daughter is always evident. The job you were given is way more important than being a princess =) Thanks for doing your “important Job” so well so that now I can enjoy the beauty of your wonderful daughter. She lights up my day every time I see her!

    • littlepatti Says:

      Thanks Mum Dee,
      I can not explain the impact she has had on our lives. She brought us strength and depth especially when we were young parents, flailing around trying to grow up and be significant in the process.
      She is a lovely girl and enriches our lives.

  4. tsonoda148 Says:

    So beautiful. I am moved beyond words. Have your written more about your daughter? I will be reading your blogs a few at a time. You are amazing.


  5. littlepatti Says:

    My daughter is a HUGE subject. I don’t talk about her very often because I don’t have an off button.
    She is now 49, and keeps us young. She insists on celebrating every holiday, She forces us to move…otherwise we would probably find a nice little place and burrow down.
    She has taught us more than I can explain and we worked much harder at our marriage and our personal success, than most people for her benefit, which of course was returned 10 x’s 10!
    She is profoundly deaf, with no speech, and we use sign language. Her skills in that department are superb, but she can’t add 2+2. Such a paradox! She is physically fit and looks 15! She’s outgoing, never forgets a face and is a loving kind and generous person. She loves to shop and her biggest interest is clothes! Thus, the best dressed girl in town.
    She has no judgement factors, and accepts everyone exactly as they are, never being impressed with material things but how they attempt to communicate with her. Some people are more animated, less shy and she thinks they are brilliant.
    She understands love and understands the presence of God.
    I have no real idea how she grasped such abstracts.
    Her favourite person in the world is her niece -our only grand daughter, now 13. (psst- she’s my fav. too).
    I have another wonderful daughter, who is 11 years younger, and has been a joy to us, and helped to “balance the books.” She has recently graduated McGill with a certificate in teaching special needs kids. She has a gift.
    And that’s why you will often see “Life, everyday is a gift” and I wonder why people get themselves so bogged down in nonsense.
    B R E A T H E. ..

  6. Teresa Says:

    It is 7 AM on a rainy Saturday morning. My two boys are asleep upstairs. I snuck down early to see if Jason and Johna had posted some pictures of their new little baby girl born yesterday. But OF COURSE they hadn’t – not less than 12 hours after her birth. 🙂 I’m just an eager little auntie.
    Instead I came across this posting and it was the next best thing. You far exceeded being a princess, Auntie Pat. In my eyes, you are queen. Queen of all things that matter to people in life. And you have never worn a crown for it. That is what makes you and your heart extra special. And it is what makes your two girls so special too.
    Love (as much as I can give), Teresa

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