More about Central Patricia Gold Mines From Art Boucher

Central PatArt Boucher Class photos Art Boucher photo#2 this was around 1947 or 48,

I would have been about six at the time dont really know all of my classmates but will tell you the
ones I do know. The group picture is as follows;
I am in the center of the middle row, Helen Leeyus top row on the left,Abbie Brazeau in the middle row
second to right from me,(plaid shirt and suspenders) Elaine Leeyus front row 2 from left, I believe that is
Elaine and I think the teacher is Mrs Cullen, although have been know to be wrong before lol
the in class pic I am standing at the table and Abbie Brazeau is laying on the floor left side of pic

The pic with myself and my brother is in front of the community hall about 1948 or so on the road to the mine site up from the river.

From Art Boucher

From Art Boucher

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One Response to “More about Central Patricia Gold Mines From Art Boucher”

  1. littlepatti Says:

    Ei, Yi, Yi! How do you spell that? I haven’t posted photos for awhile and have a new computer, so this is the best I could do for now. I hope that you can muddle through..xx Pat

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